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Turfing - Laying to Lawn

A lawn is the focal point of every garden.

Grass is hard wearing and can withstand even the greatest changes in weather conditions. When re turfing your garden there are considerations to be taken prior to works. Please let site assessor know if you have any damp / waterlogged areas as these can be resolved sub-soil prior to laying to lawn. Simply stripping and relaying a lawn will not resolve these issues.

Once your garden is stripped, again it is what you don’t see in a completed job that is the key to a pristine lawn. It is essential to lay new turf on good quality topsoil. Topsoil should be imported to site raked and levelled prior to laying turf.


When having your turf delivered to site it is important that it is not just left to sit once delivered it should be laid within 24-48 hours.  If there is a large area to lay, then split deliveries are advised. Once your lawn has been laid the difference it makes is remarkable however you must allow time for turf to bed in and firmly root, allowing it to grow for some time before its first cut.

Watering your lawn after installation is imperative to ensure it takes, our expert installers are there to offer advice and guidance.

Landscape design and Construction

The First Cut

It is important that when first cutting your new lawn you do not cut it when it’s wet.

If cut when wet your mower may pull at the turves doing damage as it goes.

The lawn should be initially cut at a slightly longer length reducing height on your lawn mower gradually will be much kinder to the turf and give you a much cleaner cut.

Here at The Shed we install Premium Rolawn turf the ideal solution for residential properties, however if you are looking for a finer turf, please do let our site surveyor know.

Artificial Turf.jpg

Artificial turf is a solution for those that want the sleek appearance of a well-manicured lawn but do not have the time to maintain the area.

To install an artificial lawn however it is a much more costly exercise. To lay an artificial lawn properly, again, it is the sub base that makes all the difference:

The area should be excavated to a greater depth than required for a real Lawn. This excavated area must then be filled in layers MOT 50mm - Granite dust 20mm – weed membrane – Artificial turf.

Artificial turf has improved remarkably over the past few years some of which are aesthetically almost as good as the real thing. We would suggest if you are considering installing artificial turf to request samples from manufacturer. Some artificial lawns also retain heat and can become very hot so the quality of the product you purchase should not be judged on price and texture alone.


If you have pets, please be aware that an artificial lawn does not drain like a natural lawn and can retain pet smells.

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