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Landscaping Design

We at The Shed are committed to providing a one-to-one service for each, and every one of our clients we work with you to achieve the garden you desire with budgets large and small.

Whether your priorities are for an easily maintained functional space, a modern area for socialising, a traditional feel to compliment your property.

From Design to Implementation – Concept to completion

Below are products that can be used to lift the design of your space into something to suit all garden installations.

Landscape design and Construction


You can achieve that newly landscaped look to your outdoor space without changing anything.

Sleepers are a very versatile material that have many uses in design and function.

Available in reclaimed green and brown timber there is a look to suit any setting.

Sleepers can be used for framing Patios - Paths - Steps - Sleeper beds - Retaining walls.

Even installing sleepers vertically in flower beds can give you an eye-catching feature.

Set in at various heights they can be as impressive as monoliths at a fraction of the price.

Landscape design in Rickmansworth.jpg

Monoliths give a garden just the little bit extra in design.

These impressive stones are an amazing addition to, not only, a traditional garden but are well suited in a contemporary landscape design.

Stones are available in many colours, and these can be chosen to compliment fencing and paving or even be chosen to compliment your planting.

Monolith water features are available in kits - however large monoliths can also be predrilled to create bespoke water features.


Using wall veneers or cladding can take a worn-out brick wall and transform it to a modern and stand out feature.


These cladding and veneer products will bring a modern feel to your outdoor space suitable for internal and external use, bring your indoors out.

Cladding and veneer walling is also a cost-effective way to set the finishing touches in a landscape design using blockwork to reduce brickwork costs faced with veneer gives you a superior finish.

Available in many colours and finishes you are sure to find a product that will meet your requirements whether you are looking for a courtyard garden – country garden – contemporary garden there is an array of products available to compliment your space.

Veneers and Cladding.jpg

The Shed is here to work with you to achieve your aspirations for you living space. We advise on products installation and maintenance. From sloping garden resolutions to disabled access to garden space. We work with you to find your unique solution.

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