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Expert Service

We are specialists fencing installers.


The importance of quality fencing cannot be understated.

Fencing is your first step in protecting your property. Fencing provides privacy, security, and shade.

All fencing installed by The Shed is pressure treated and sourced directly from timber merchants rather than high street stores. This way you are assured of the longevity of the materials supplied.

There are many types for fencing for all your boundary requirements.

The Shed is committed to getting the job done, we do it so well we have been awarded the Bark certificate of excellence. You can count on us to do the job right always being professional, timely, efficient making sure you’re satisfied every step of the way.

Landscape design and Construction


Closeboard Panel Fencing – Larch Lap Panels – Feather Edge Fencing – Picket Fencing – Jacksons Fencing – Hit and Miss Panels – Ornate Fencing – Tongue and Groove – Contemporary Fencing - Trellis works - Green and Brown Timber.


Framed ledged and braced gates Feather Edge and Tongue and Groove are available ex-stock 6’ x 3’ – bespoke gates can be made up to your exact requirement. All our gates are fitted with barrel locks for your added security.

We supply and install


From leaning posts to broken Arris rails and gate replacements.

Our seasoned staff will assess what is required to complete the task explain why and how the repair will be undertaken.

When repairing feather edge fencing it most often that Arris rails that snap – In this instance the rails can be changed using either mortice posts or brackets either of these solutions are reliable, where possible it is advised to match the existing installation.

Fence Posts FAQ

What Length should my posts be?

Posts should always be erected so that 2’ of the post is subsoil

5’ finish height 7’ posts - 6’ finish height 8’ posts – 6’6” finish height 9’


Gravel Boards

Gravel boards should be installed with every installation this protects the bottom of your Panels / boards up off the ground and reduces damage water can do to them after a time.

Choice of posts


The installation of the correct posts is essential, Trellis work can be erected on 3” x 3” posts.

All other configurations should be erecting on 4” x 4” posts minimum. 3” posts are not sufficient to take the weight of panels.


Timber posts mortice or plain & H posts?

Mortice posts and concrete mortice posts are used for Feather Edge installations.

Large posts 5” x 5” – 6” x 6” are primarily used to hang larger gates.

Laws of installation

Fencing to the front of properties should not be erected to a greater height than 3’ (1m) if you are replacing existing fencing then you are permitted to install like for like. Fencing higher than 1m is not advise between two properties to the front of a property.

To the rear boundaries you are permitted to install fencing to a maximum height of 6’6” (2m) this finished height includes any trellis works you wish to add.

Properties with boundaries on a road or alley side are often permitted to increase the finish height in most instances, it is advised however to check if you need planning permission from your local council.

Regulations vary from borough to borough, so it is advisable if you wish to install fencing higher than above guidelines to check rules in your area.

Fencing is the backdrop for you garden and choices are many, whether you are looking for cost effective installation or designer finish. 

The Shed provides expert and experienced installers to complete any fencing requirements to a faultless finish.

Our workmanship is guaranteed for 5 years, subject to accidental damage and Acts of God.

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