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Paving - Things to Consider
Water run off – Subbase – Jointing – Sealing and Maintenance


Water run-off is of the utmost importance. It is essential to ensure the water runs away from your property as this can ingress and cause damp.


Paving should always be laid beneath the damp course level, again if laid too high you risk water ingress. Although everyone wants that perfect finish to their patio/paving. It doesn’t matter how good it looks, if you don’t have a sufficient and compacted subbase the longevity of the installation will be affected.

Some prefer to lay paving on rubble with a top dressing of MOT. Here at The Shed we never lay paving on rubble as we always provide our clients with the very best and long-lasting solution.

Our gardens have now become an extension of our living spaces and the installation of paving can make a remarkable difference to your home.

Landscape design and Construction


The are many paving products on the market today and each has their own distinctive style.

We expertly install all exterior paving products

Sandstone – Limestone - Granite - Porcelain - Marble along with Concrete products.

From design to completion, we are here to advise on any chosen products.

Porcelain and Marble Paving


Porcelain and Marble give you a very modern finish. These slabs are available in large sizes which can make a small space look so much larger.

Porcelain is also a more cost-effective solution to complete your project, once sealing of Limestone and Sandstone is taken into consideration.


Sandstone and Limestone

Are beautiful natural products  these products require sealing this treatment and the cost of sealant products should be taken into consideration when choosing your paving products. Some suppliers offer an in house sealing service prior to delivery such as  LondonStone

Sealing paving products protect them from staining

Sandstone and Limestone Paving


Gone are the days when mortar is used to point your paving.

Jointing compound provides a permeable solution which gives your paving a superior finish.

Jointing grout is also used which complements Porcelain paving perfectly.

Modes of jointing paving is dependent on the paving slabs chosen.


Maintenance of paving is important and a soft broom with a little washing up liquid is normally sufficient for the task.

However, accidents happen and for heavy and hard to remove staining there are various products designed for each type of stone laid. Please see manufacturers advice.

Using a jet wash on your paving once/ twice a year will lift even the tiredest looking paving.

When choosing The Shed to complete paving works you are assured of a quality product and expert installation.

Paving Maintenance
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